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Know Thyself: Learning to Lead Me part 1


Contrary to popular belief the Christian leader must have more than a compelling vision. This may sound strange to some, but I believe it to be true. Believing vision is the most important aspect of leading the church is often a mistake leaders make. We tend to think vision is the apex in leadership because we have been told this by numerous leadership gurus. Their mantra, if we have a compelling vision people will follow. The problem with this thinking is people follow a compelling leader, not the vision first. This is often an area of frustration for the pastor-leader because he just can’t figure out why people are not on board with his awesome vision. Vision is important for leading people in any organization, but it is not the leader’s first leadership responsibility.

The ancient Greek aphorism, “know thyself” is an appropriate place to start in leadership development. Leadership starts with you. It does not start with them. John Maxwell teaches the principle of the mirror. The first person you must examine is you. In other words if you can’t lead yourself well you will never lead others well. An honest evaluation of self is the beginning of leading well. This is not an easy process because it requires seeing you for who you really are. We like seeing ourselves as we want others to see us, not as we really are. Honest self evaluation is a never ending process for every Christian leader. Every morning we get up, look in the mirror and clean up. Every day the Christian leader should get up look in the mirror of God’s word and align their life with its teaching. The leader’s relationship with God is the foundation to leading others well. As a leader if you are out of alignment spiritually, your followers will constantly be fighting against the steering wheel. Why, because you are fighting against the steering wheel of your life.

Have you ever driven a vehicle out of alignment? It’s not fun. You struggle to stay straight; you’re constantly pulled left or right. You keep going forward, but it’s a frustrating and tiring thing to do. If this problem is not corrected it will prematurely cause serious damage to the vehicle’s tires and possibly mechanical damage.

What happens if leaders lead out of spiritual misalignment? The same thing will happen; we will struggle and wear out. And tragically if we do not remedy this, more serious spiritual damage will occur. Leadership is a privilege of trust and we must fix ourselves before others are required to. Learning to lead you is where spiritual leadership starts. So, “know thyself.”

5 Things you need to know about yourself

1.Your strengths
2.Your weaknesses
3.Your behavior tendencies
4.Your motivators
5.Your spiritual gifts

9 Things you need to do for yourself

1.Read the Bible devotionally, first
2.Love your wife. Go out, have fun, enjoy each other weekly.
3.Pray about everything
4.Confess continually
5.Stay a follower at heart
6.Have an accountability partner or team
7.Listen to honest feedback
8.Take some assessments to discover your skills, personality, and behavior tendencies
9.Commit to develop an action plan to be your best for the Lord


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